This morning was a disaster. I got up on time, got ready for work and was driving when I heard my phone beep, and then it was ringing. My Wife called to say that I had forgotten my wallet. She actually wanted me to go to work without retrieving it. I said, what about if somebody causes me to have an accident and I’m at work, (I am in trust of my driving). She says, I hadn’t thought of that. I go back home to get it and start out again but, I realized rather quickly that at that point I would arrive too late and not be successful in getting a route. Mom is coming home tomorrow before noon from the rehab place. My Wife and her Sister were cleaning her room for her when I got back home, thinking that she’d be coming home today. It’ll be nine days as of tomorrow that everything happened with Mom. None of us have really eaten like we should. I basically have been eating one meal a day and some snacks in between. Basically lunch and no dinner, maybe a bagel or some cereal in the morning. So, later on this morning around eleven, I’m sitting down to start on my revisions and my Wife says, we have to get going. I just looked at her. We went out to Momo’s Veterinary first to pick up her medicine, Tapazole. She has 15 pills in the bottle and she only needs 1/2 a pill per day in her food. So, from there we went to Walmart and got some stuff for the babies, some more food and litter and treats. I got a bunch of vegetarian foods. That will do me well for my lunches for the time being. 


We had Taco Bell for lunch. I had some cheesy bean and rice burritos, and I tried their new nacho fries, tasty I must say. I went over later on to drop off the stuff for our babies at our Son’s and his Girlfriend’s apartment. Momo and Chester were out and I got a few moments with Chester. They were heading out the door to go to the food bank. Yesterday, I wanted to set tp the printer to be on a wireless network but, I needed the usb cord to it for the initial setup. It’s over in the storage room. I bought one today at Walmart. I haven’t gotten any revisions done today. It’s getting late and I’ve got to bed down soon. My Sister In Law and my Wife are gone off to visit Mom at the rehab centre. I just made a shake with milk and blueberries and some of My Sis in laws Herbalife mix. That’s my dinner tonite, although there’s some leftover salad in the fridge. I told my Wife that when I work (After the pay period for the first), that I will work all the days in it, reasoning with her that we need to get that truck of ours fixed so that we can have two vehicles and she can go back to work. She’s been talking to me about wanting to do that. 


I’m going to watch the Bruins game.







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