Monday got better then great

Wyatt found me at lunch and we talked, He said he didn’t mean to sound hateful this morning He just wanted me to know he was not made and ask me if I wanted to hang out with him after school he had to do some tillage. Of course, I said yes, after school we headed to the field 

Wyatt showed me how to set up the GPS and he let me drive well when we had to drive I just find it so cool the tractor drives itself, it kind of looks like an airplane cockpit at night, it even has two seats. We talked and talked about everything he made fun of me about our first date going so bad my words not his. I’m learning that he has a great sense of humor. We even had time to make out while the tractor drove itself LOL. I never knew life could improve so much just from moving and kind of starting over I mean I have known him three months and we have been out three times in the last ten days in that time I poured a Dr, pepper on him I backed his truck in to a tree bending the tail gate so he is only aloud to drive to school and on the ranch, I let their stud horse out on a 90 acre pasture  with the mares it took 3 hrs. to catch him I dropped and broke his phone so now he doesn’t have a phone O and dropped his boot off a cliff so he only has one until he saves for a new pair and he took the rap of all of it so I wouldn’t get in trouble because my mom is so  I will stop on that. Most guys would have dumped me or at the least cussed me out and made me feel like a pile of shit. When I wrecked his truck, Wyatt said now I won’t have to get out of the truck to let the tailgate down when I back up to the trailer and when I broke his phone he said it rang too much anyway. When I let the stud out, He said the stud horse need some relief anyways took me a second to get that one. When I dropped his boot off the cliff and we couldn’t find it he said he only wanted one anyways now he can stick out in the crowd, and I dropped his boot on purpose because no other girl would want a one boot cowboy so he is stuck with me. He just stays so even-tempered everyone tells me he is always that way he never gets mad and my god he is so hot blond hair blue eyes a smile that makes you melt an ass that o my god the only reason he was not taken his old girlfriend had just moved to North Dakota, so it was like it is meant to be. I just know I’m going to mess it up somehow. I got to go later 

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