My GOD sometimes you just can’t take your eyes off

This doesn’t happen to me often but it does happen. Sometimes I just find the perfect girl to look at, you might be thinking “To look at? What?”, YES nothing more, you know, religious reasons. I normally don’t even look at girls… once again religious reasons.

Today just happened to be one of those days. How can the Creator make someone so perfect and then told us not to look at them? -[ Dang it, I know why]- Or was it just the makeup? Or the Dress or those glasses or that face or maybe the tone of her skin… I can go on… but I couldn’t tell all that from that distance, I can’t just start following someone in the middle of a Mall it would be creepy.

It was sudden, so sudden that I stopped mid-sentence, I forgot what I was saying, my friend tried to say something and I was like … no not “like”, in situations like these I can’t hide anything … I said “Shhh! Let me concentrate”.

In normal situations like these they would have all gone “Where? What are looking at?”, but they all knew better, they knew I wasn’t going to answer so they just looked in the direction where I was looking tried to figure out the girl I was looking at and waited for me. It wouldn’t have been more then 40 seconds but it felt like an eternity.

In the past 4 years there haven’t been many occasions like these I can count all such events on one hand.

Maybe I’m too afraid to talk maybe I know it’s better for me not to, I can’t handle the drama.


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