Stress Relief

I know it is a bit cliche to have a college student write about stress relief, but hear me out. 

These past few weeks have been hell and I am so tired because I am currently taking 16 hours and under Honors status, I am the secretary/co-founder for an organization and a member of two others, and I volunteer…a lot. 

I am going to be busier in the fall (which I am kinda looking forward to in a way) so I need distraction.

I have been hanging out with friends and keeping my mind busy constantly because of certain events that have happened and I would love to forget about them. I guess it is a form of coping, but I decided to start this online journal. I like to write, even if I am not good at it. Especially if I spill out whatever is on my mind and form them into words.

I hope this helps. Posting most likely won’t be consistent.

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