What we have been up to

so long has passed! Iv missed it here, though is it just me or is there tons more adverts and spam accounts?

iv been having problems with my back for months, been to dr twice now they gave me strong painkillers which help but nothing getting better. I was clearing out the turtles tank today and my back spasms so bad thought I would collapse:( I know people have much worse but it is draining me! I haven’t been off work or anything but by the end of day it’s agony. Energy levels are pretty poor too past few days .

Nice things though.. Mya is loving school nursery and was so pleased with herself she won the Easter bonnet competition! She is now off for the Easter holidays and so is her dad so it’s lovely to all spend time together, although today I had to finish my essay and some paperwork for my course, so Andrew took mya to soft play to let me get on. I worked solidly for about 5 hours but got it done.  

Been reading a lot of books recently.., some good ones I read was the ‘child called it’ trilogy (heartbreaking but inspiring) and a Karl Pilkington one which was funny . Also obsessed with ‘rescue mediuoms’ T.V. show!! 

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