Talking about random things as a way of procrastination

The last few days have been terrible so I wanna just talk about things I like. Yesterday I was so happy cause my piano teacher finally gave me a new piece and its the bwv number 801 baby hehe

We’re going to see a theatre play this evening but I dont want to Im so tired. And I have a fuckton of homework to do and some of it I reallllllyyyy dont wanna do. Like the English homework. My teacher is such a bitch and on top of that everything we do is so boringgggg kill me

Ive been procrastinating for two hours and a half now argh

Worst thing is that the more I procrastinate the worse I feel but I cant bring myself to work I just cant, this happens all the time and Im mad. How do some people do to work so much

Also Im so sad cause some shit teacher gave me my two worst grades of the whole year hes such a piece of shit cause theres one of them I deserved but the other? Really not. I tend to trust teachers when it comes to whether I deserved a grade or not but this one nopity nope. Man Im so mad this is gonna ruin my gpa

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