my day

6:30 am- Today Wyatt was picking me up for school, so I wanted to be ready he is always early

7:20 am- headed to school by way of Allsup’s. for caffeine

8:08 am- My first class of the day starts after announcements. It’s history class, we watched a bit of the news and took notes on the distribution of global religions. On to the next class, Gym. some days we’re active the whole time, and other days we don’t do a single thing. It was a do-nothing day, except we did have to walk around the gym. After that, I chatted with friends Then it was off to lunch!

11:20 am- half-way point in my day I wondered around the lunch room and Eventually found Wyatt, I sit down at the table to eat lunch. Sadly, all good things must come to an end, so a few minutes later I was headed to… SPANISH. This class is far from my favorite, I have some friends in it, which makes up for the bad.

2:20 pm- My last class of the day was Math, a subject I’m not too keen on. This class is just filled with busy work, which I don’t hate because that ends up in a lot of free time because I always manage to finish early. We took so many notes that I thought my hand would fall off.

3:15 pm- Woohoo! free from school. We walked to Wyatt’s truck, went to Wyatt’s, hooked up the gooseneck trailer to move some cows. Thankfully, the weather was warm and dry, so I didn’t need a jacket. I wearing jackets

4:45 pm- loaded cattle and headed to the feed lot to drop them off on the way Wyatt got stopped by a sheriff (it was so scary) she walks up and said Mr. Conner the reason I stopped you is for the first you were not speeding  can you explain that Wyatt said well my foot is not as heavy as it was’ the sheriff said why is that Wyatt said cause I don’t have a boot on that foot so it weighs less (Wyatt has only had his License like a month and has been stopped tree time) I was so scared Then the sheriff leaned in and kissed him on the cheek and said nephew tell your mom high and walked off It was his aunt she is the sheriff and she was giving him a hard time.( she had already gave him one ticket) I ask him do you speed a lot. Wyatt said not on purpose and not now I noticed since I have been driving with just a socked foot I don’t at all not sure why.

7:00 pm- Unloaded the cattle and looked around the feed lot and then drove back to town to the carwash to wash Wyatt’s truck he is so picky about his truck even with no tail gate thanks to me. I ask him to let me He never lets anybody wash it, but he did. I think the only reason he let me, He didn’t want to get his sock wet(I caused that too) he spent his time telling how to do it. Then we had to hand dry it

7:50 pm- When we got to my house we set in the front yard about an hour in Wyatt’s truck we made plans for a roping this weekend and then spent the rest of the time being teenagers

8: Wyatt headed home and I went in to shower and do home work

my day it was a normal day in my new life

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