My First Post

I’ve always enjoyed writing down my feelings, thoughts, opinions, concerns and events that have happened to me. I used to write them down on OD but they closed down in 2014. I haven’t written since mainly because I haven’t found any places that I felt were quite as good. I recently got an email from them saying they’re back which actually got me pretty excited. I went to the website and found it was free for the first 30 days of coming back but then there would be a subscription fee every month after that which then disappointed me. I understand it’s a way for them to maintain the website, cover costs and keep it operational but I’ve never been a fan of monthly subscriptions and try my best to avoid them. It then got me looking around for some other websites in case anything has popped up over the years and I found a recommendation for Good Night Journal so I wanted to check it out. This entry will be quite short and I expect to write lengthier posts in the future but for now it’s 4:00 in the morning and I need sleep. Peace out!

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