Spring cleaning and swimming

Took mya to the pool this morning.. as is the holidays it was jam packed but Mya had a great time and that’s all that matters. We went for a nice lunch afterwards that was only 20 pound for all 3 of us including drinks and a pudding for mya! Really good value.

then we came home I decided to spring clean our room.. got rid of 5 big bags of stuff.. mainly old birthday cards and stuff from our wedding I never used etc… honestly I’m such a hoarder. I envy people who manage to get rid of things easily, our house is not big enough for everything I want to keep! So I feel good that iv simplified some things a bit. Myas room on the other hand…. I will have to do that one day when she is not in as she wants to keep everything and will go mad if she saw me getting rid of any old toys!! 

 Weather utter miserable again today .. snow and rain all day. Tomorrow finally we are meant to see some sun!! Fingers crossed … 

2 thoughts on “Spring cleaning and swimming”

  1. My mom used to get rid of stuff from our rooms on the sly. Now I realize why she didn’t mind dropping me and my brother off at the movies to see Star Wars (yes the original) for the 15-20th time (it was in the theaters for about 18 months straight), lol.

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