The M. problem

So I have this dilemma. I met this dude in Chicago and well now Im back home but like we still talk. The thing hes a white racist homophobic sexist nationalist supremacist. But like

Hes so cool personnality wise??? Before I met him, if you asked me if Id be friends with a cool guy but whos racist etc Id have def said no, but now that this is actually happening idk what to do? Such a weird situation

Lets call him M. So M. is like real smart but he acts like an idiot so people really think hes dumb. And so he makes racist jokes all the time and people dont take him seriously. I was talking with one of his close friends and she told me she thought she was sexist and racist, that was when I still hadnt really talked to him, so I asked her if she was sure of it and she said she was pretty sure. I thought she was taking this too seriously and he was actually just joking cause I have friends who make racist jokes and such all the time. But then I had a “serious” talk with him and he told me he was serious about everything he said and he seemed to think people (including that one friend of his) didnt know about his shit views? Anyway Im just rambling now. The point is, now we’re still talking cause I absolutely want to understand what tf is going on in his rotten mind cause like, how can a dude so smart be so racist. And now he’s explaining that his ideas are based on numbers and he is showing me maps and charts that get me really confused. Lots of them are out of context and basically theyre just propaganda that is really easy to turn down but sometimes Im like ……. that actually sounds true…… man its so fucking weird. Like when hes exposing his ideas it sounds logical and thats so fucked up. Like I know its wrong at so many levels but yea. And I ask myself whats gonna happen after we finish arguing, are actually even going to end this argument? Could we ignore it and maybe just be friends? Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

So yea that fucking M. dude is giving me a headache

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