Wednesday 4 april 2018 Damn i missed it

Greeting to all of you,


Its my day off today I wanted to go for a blood donation drive organize by my religious grp I’m in.


I was happy and excited about donating blood to save life, fill up the questionnaire then register. My turn came to see the doctor, bad news I cant donate blood something they check in their record that I am banned in my country to donate blood. Something happen to me in 2013…which I cant remember clearly…


I was like damn shit…. argg..I thought I can start the day to do a good deed but turn out I cant.


I called my country blood-bank to ask their doctor to talk to me, have to wait for the doctor call.

I took a day off just for this.. and it has gone to waste… arrg


I suppose nothing is in our hands.

That’s all I have to say for todays journal….take care guys


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