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[10:51 pm]

Cats are fed, suggies are fed, litter is clean, laundry’s in the washer/dryer.. can I sit down now?! I feel like I have so much to say and do with no time. I hate going away for a few days cause then I feel like I get behind and need to catch up all at once. I’ve been wanting to write since I got back and even while away I wanted to write but was too tired to do so at the end of the day and didn’t have time during the day. It’s once again, late but I think I can manage to write about the past week. I don’t think I’ve ever been this long without writing an entry. I almost feel like I’ve been cheating on my journal or something. Haha!

Well.. let’s begin from where I left off..



I went to bed early-ish on Sat so I would get up at 9 am on Sun to pack our stuff and leave. Of course, when my alarm went off at 9:00, I was sooo very tired. There was no way I could get up and pack our stuff, I was just too tired. I went back to bed for another hour and that helped me out a lot. I got up at 10:00, packed our stuff and did what I had to do before leaving and we left a bit after 11 am which was more than an hour later than expected so we didn’t get there before the Bday party started. We got there around 2 pm and the in-laws were very pleased with the surprise. The lil one was very happy to see me. We spent the day with them and went to the hotel at almost midnight so we got a discount since we were there late but it still cost $240 for two nights which is way too much for my liking. I know it’s the in-laws paying but that could of been money I could of added to our savings. 

Anyways, we went to our room and had two queen size beds which we slept in the same bed but halfway during the night I decided to hop into the other bed. When you’re used to sleeping in a king size by yourself and you get into a queen and have to share it, it’s small. Haha!

There was one thing that was just super weird to me in the room. They had bedside lamps which for some darn reason were hooked up on the main switch. That said, if you turned off the main light in the room, you couldn’t use the bedside lamps. What’s the purpose of them then?! That was just.. no words for it. So when I was done reading, I had to get out of bed and go turn off the switch by the door. If I have a bedside lamp usually it’s so I don’t have to get out of bed to turn off the light. That’s what I always thought anyway.



It was nice cause I got to sleep until noon. I was sure hub was gonna get out of bed early and go for breakfast by himself (which he normally does when we’re at the hotel cause I surely don’t get up for breakfast) but he ended up staying in the room, in bed. He played on his phone until I got up. We then made our way back to the in-laws. It was a bit annoying to me cause the hotel was about 20 mins away from them but not too bad I guess. We stayed the day with them again and left to the hotel around 11 pm.

I had brought our swimsuits in case we wanted to go in the pool at the hotel but when we looked before leaving for the in-laws it was full of kids so no way I was getting in there. I’m glad thought, I got to spend two whole days with the lil one. She’s so adorable! I’m always scared that she will sorta forget me cause I don’t see her often but every time she sees me she runs to hug me. 

We also had a turkey diner which was delicious and got to just relax.



We had to get out of the room by 11 am so I had planned on sleeping till 10:30 so I’d have half an hour to pack our stuff. That surely didn’t happen. At about 8:30 am, I could hear some banging and was like “What the hell is going on?!” At first I thought the people in the room beside were having some morning sex but after a while it started sounding like someone was using a hammer. I couldn’t even tell where it was coming from cause it just sounded like it was all around the room. I got so pissed off! I wanted to sleep. At 9:30 I had enough so I got out of bed and got our stuff ready. When we got to the desk I asked the lady if they were having some construction and surely enough, she said yes. WHAT THE HELL?! I wasn’t impressed. I told her it would of been nice to have a heads up about it cause I didn’t just spend all this money to get woken up at 8:30 in the morning. I could of just slept at the in-laws and have that for free. The lady said she was sorry, that she couldn’t give me back my sleep. Didn’t look like she wanted to do anything about it. Arg! She finally gave me a $24.15 refund. What a joke! I was expecting at least $50. I wanted to write to the manger but haven’t done so cause I just haven’t gotten the time. For the price, I’m still not impress with that hotel. At all!

That all said, we were to my mom’s a bit earlier than expected so we went out for lunch with her. At least that was nice. I also stopped at the funeral home to ask them about the thing I want to write on my big bro’s tombstone but we still haven’t settle on anything yet as they were supposed to get back to me but haven’t yet. The girl that takes care of it is also on vacation so I might have to wait next week.

We went to the Entertainment Center with mom and I played $20 that she gave me and that was it. I didn’t even feel like wanting to play more. That’s always good! We then went to the movie and her friend came and met us there. We saw I Can Only Imagine which was amazing. It was a very sad/emotional movie. I didn’t think I’d like it cause I have no idea who Mercy Me is or even know that song as I don’t listen to Christian music but the movie was so touching. I didn’t cry but it got really close and people all around me were crying.

We got back home, I unpacked our things and that was pretty much it. I was very exhausted from the trip.



I worked all day, got home and didn’t felt like doing anything. I watched a few shows, played on my farming game and that was about it for the day. I wanted to write but felt too tired to do so.



I was meant to get the garbage ready last night but didn’t do it cause I just didn’t felt like doing anything. I always get exhausted when I go away for a few days. I wanted to do it this morning but I ended up over sleeping so I didn’t have time. It was quite windy today so I don’t even think I would of put it at the curb anyways.

I was also meant to do the grocery today but just didn’t felt like doing it. I came back home between clients and went for a nap. I started taking allergy pills and I really hope it helps with my mucus situation cause I’m still cough-puking every day which makes me so tired.

I went to the hairdresser after work and as always, I’m still not sure about my hair. I think one side is longer than the other one but I’ll only see when I use my straightener tomorrow. The pink didn’t come bright, it sorta stayed the same as it was before which is sorta fine beside the roots being super bright. I asked her if she was gonna bleach it next time as she normally does but she said no cause I will end up killing my hair if I keep bleaching that part over and over again so I guess this is the best I will get it. Again, as always, I’m tempted to stop doing this color but it’s just so pretty. I’m a bit addicted to the color.

Beside that, not that much. I’m trying to get some things done but seem that I’m a bit behind on things. I’m doing some laundry but I don’t think I will have time to finish it all. I also still have some dishes in the dishwasher that has been sitting there since before we left last weekend. At least it’s clean. I’ve finally reserved the cottage for this summer and I’m looking into buying tickets for this Nitro Circus show. I haven’t yet cause I’m trying to reach someone so they can tell me which side the motorbikes will be but I always end up getting the answering machine. Arg! I’ve also just applied for a new mystery shop company so that’s gonna be interesting to see which shops I can do with them. After my adventure to the hotel, I decided to look into mystery shop company that does hotels.

With all this writing and things between (had to stop to go cough-puke and called my mom so I could finally book the cottage) it is now 12:30 am and I should head to bed soon as I have yet another full day tomorrow. I know for one thing, I’m not putting away the laundry tonight.

On a side note: it felt good to write again after almost a week of not writing. I missed it!




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