all over again

We had an argument again last night.  This morning he won’t talk to me much less look at me.  He seems to think because the Army worked legally when he was in it that all other law enforcement agencies work that way too.  Denton County didn’t.  He got mad and stood up screaming and hit the floor with both fists so I left for a couple of hours.  When I came back he was texting someone and wouldn’t let me see wh0.  It was probably that bitch again.  He doesn’t even get excited any more seeing me.  I should have known he was lying to me when he said he loved me.  He’s probably telling her he loves her and god only knows what else horrible things about me.  Like I’m forcing him to stay here.  I don’t know why he doesn’t just leave to go live with her.  I mean he seems to want to be with her so damned  bad.   Why is it that he seems to love her so much and won’t leave me to live with her.  She’s rich after all, she claims to own 4 houses and can afford to live part time at the Sandia casino on the reservation.

Ian please go live with the bitch that you seem to love so much more than me.  She can support your alcoholic behavior.

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