Busy day

What a busy day today!  I never had a moment’s rest.  The day started with my phone blaring at 6 am.  I had to be at school by 7:00 am for a rodeo meeting. I really didn’t want to wake up so early. but it is my first meeting and it will be my first barrel race since I moved here and the first time I get to see Wyatt team rope. It is kind of dumb but I’m excited about being on a team I have never been involved with one before. 

When I arrived at school, Wyatt,Montana and Jake where already there messing with Wyatt’s truck.  which is pretty normal Wyatt loves that truck more than anything of course that’s where all his money goes his dad bought it. but Wyatt has to pay him back monthly and pay his own insurance plus diesel cost a lot.I guess it is a guy thing I will never understand it. I’m still so amazed after I wrecked it and destroyed his tailgate he still speaks to me.

The rest of the team arrived and we started the meeting  it is just to see who will drive and ride with who and find out what parents are going who can haul what horses who is sleeping where things like that.  

After the meeting we  headed to class .  I’m still getting to know the girls on the team they are so vicious about other girls and gossiping I guess I should say they are mad at some girl that broke up with one of the  guys on the team put they are so mean. I hope I don’t make them mad.

Started first class with a test pretty sure I did very bad, Then off to my next class for a pop quiz as I found out, it sucked bad next class we had a temp so had free time to study for the next test after lunch finally came got to see Wyatt, he was in the best mood I guess because he is roping this weekend so he gets off work from the ranch all weekend or maybe because he is with me, but bet it’s because of the roping. all I know is he is so hot when he smiles and even sweater when he is in a good mood if that is possible.

After lunch, back to class two more test then History teacher decided we needed to started on a report that will be due next Tuesday I wish she would spend here time teaching in class and not having use do it at home.

After school I got to go with Wyatt to buy a new cinch and latigo for his saddle and just look around the western wear/saddle shop. I wanted to get a new blouse I seen one I just loved and it was on sale, not sure Wyatt was happy with my trying on cloths and then asking how does this look but he smiled a lot and didn’t say anything so I guess it was OK. I tried to get him to look at clothes and even boots and saddles, but he gave me a guy answer and said why shop when your broke it is kind of a waste of time and kinda boring.I guess that was a hint.

Wyatt ask what I wanted to do now I said we could go hang out at the park for a while and he agreed which kind of surprised me. He pushed me in a swing went done the slide it sounds kind of dumb but I think it was the best date I have ever had and I made the hole afternoon without spilling,breaking,dropping,saying sorry or tripping over anything although Wyatt had to remind me every time we walked to the truck by saying  notice anything missing or well we could sit on the tailgate,”O” wait I don’t have a tailgate. 

 we headed home because it  was close to curfew.  Today was a fun day.

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