Being alone really does have so much power! So….who out there loves the company of just themselves? Can you entertain yourself? Can you laugh at yourself? Do you talk to yourself? Better than that… you answer yourself? I look at it like this……… A person that can’t stand being alone,  does not love themselves! The person everyone should love first and foremost is themselves! (other than God or whomever your higher power may be!) I absolutely love being by myself! I’m pretty funny, quirky, humorous and spending so much time by myself gives me time to ponder, and observe so many things! My mother and younger sister are quite the opposite. They can not live without a man in their lives….know what I say to that? I can take my own trash out please and thank-you! So take a little time to think about it and ask yourself “CAN I DO IT?”


PS. Sorry about the green background… wouldn’t let me change it!!

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