Some bad news.

I’m happy to be home but I’ve also received bad news about my bestfriend. 

Her and I were bestfriends all throughout high school and even went to college together. I was heartbroken when she decided to end our friendship last year. It was because began dating a man who was emotionally and mentally abusive towards her, but she fell in love with him and moved to New York City to be with him. He isolated her and forced her to cut off all contact with her friends and family. I spoke to her mother today and she told me that she hasn’t spoken with her in over 6 months, not even a phone call. I also found out that there had been a huge fight between my friend’s brother and her boyfriend, and it was because they found out he physically abuses her and she was pregnant but suffered a miscarriage. They believe she had a miscarriage because he beats her. I feel so awful. I can’t believe she would be the type of woman to stay with a man like that. You think you know someone and then they surprise you. And to be perfectly clear, the reason I didn’t believe she would be the type of woman stay with a man like that is because she wasn’t always into men. For the longest time she had a girlfriend and was mostly attracted to women. So when she began to date this guy I was a little surprised. And then I was completely shocked to find out that her of all people would stay with him after all this. 

I miss her so much, but I also feel like I don’t even know the person she’s become. I wish I could reach out to her and talk to her, and I have tried many times but she has never replied to my messages or returned my calls. And I have no idea where in NYC she lives. 


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  1. Wow, I bet that is a helpless feeling. Abused women get so beaten down that it’s hard for them to leave, even if they want to. I guess all you can do is pray she is safe and will one day get away.

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