Too Soon

So this guy( let him be K), whom I mentioned in the other entry is texting me and I don’t know what we are. We spoke for almost an hour today and we met like a few days ago. And he also smoothly asked me out twice which I dodged like a flipping pro! I really like talking to him but I think this is going too fast. And I’ve been shooting him down many times but he’s still going. I don’t really want to go out with anyone as of now since I have my life changing exam in about a month and don’t want to get distracted. And also because he’s way too perfect to be true. He’s extremely good looking, plays football, is really popular, a sweet talker and I also discovered that he actually likes to read books and he’s also very smart and is always answering questions in class. So, I’m very confused. And I’m also kinda suspicious that he’s just a player but Idk man I kinda ruled that out when he asked for my star sign (who does that really?). And even if I like him, I can’t go out with him and will have to keep everything a secret since my parents are over protective of me and I can’t date.


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