Hi all! I`ve remembered about my journal, I had a lot of problem, I feel sad and 

disappointment in my life, I have no nothing, I don`t no what I want from my life, I feel boring and apathy. Today I found a new job. And
nothing else. I have no family,husband or boyfriend, he had
forgot about me. I 30 years old. Fucking shit.

3 thoughts on “Hi”

  1. Sorry you feel so bad , try and keep positive the best you can! Congratulations on the new job, maybe you will meet some nice time tonight people there xxx

  2. You will outgrow that feeling someday.
    I’m not doing any better either but I know things will get better someday.
    Hang in there!

  3. Hello there.. just think positive… logic dark skies nv last there always sunshine await you to shine above you

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