Reading other journals

I have been reading some other diaries and so many of them remind me of me just six months ago I hated me felt so alone felt everything was my fault spent my time saying sorry. for everything. Then we moved and I just knew live would be even worse no friends not like I had any before I guess my point is I thought life could do nothing but get worse if that was possible I even wondered if it was worth living and came close to not a few times I cut I spend time in some dark places tried drinking because it was easy to get in my house and then walking in to a new school alone facing a new life was worse than all of it I had felt before, I expected the worst even had a note written in my head all I had to do is write it done and well you can figure the rest out but you know what I lived though it and even meet a boy I didn’t think that would ever happen slowly I’m making friends I mess up a lot in this new relationship (my first) I do so many things wrong but he just smiles and goes on. I guess my point is it does get better like they say time heals all wounds they never go a way but the right person will come along to make them less painful I was lucky in finding Wyatt but I’m equal as lucky to find this site because I was so sure I was the only one that felt the pain I felt and that is not a jab at anything I have read here that is a thank you for sharing your life’s the good and the bad sometimes just learning your not the only one is the turning point

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