Resting today

I just finished watching the picture show Giant for the first time with Rock Hudson, Elizabeth Taylor and James Dean. James Dean is one of my heroes. He was heading into being a really good actor, Only God knows what he would have become if he had been allowed to grow a bit older and act in more roles. One thing though I have never understood and it was prevalent in that film is the house so big that you need a caretaker to clean it, and run it. I have always thought that you clean up after yourself and you don’t put on ‘airs”. I know that when a Man has a good Woman that he should do everything that he can to care for her and keep her heart engaged. It is said that an idle mind is the devils playground. The greatest moment in a man’s life is when he looks at his young bride who is becoming his wife  and she says, I do. The Lord’s view of Holy Matrimony is a beautiful one. There is nothing better for a man to know that he has a good woman that he will always love and grow old with. Marriage is a wonderful relationship between two like minded people. I suggest it for everyone. It is love and negotiation. There’s nothing in the universe that is wrong with that. 


I myself personally, don’t like the publicness of this world today. It is none of my business to know what people earn, and what they do in their private times. I think all of this nonsense should not exist in todays world. I think you should be able to just sit down and have a conversation with people and whatever comes out in that conversation should be between the two participants. We all have our personal failings and our demons that we struggle with, everyone should not have to know those things, without knowing what kind of person that they really are deep down. It is too much this free information if you will. 


I went to work yesterday, and walked ten miles ha ha. The past two days I’ve walked close to 20 miles. I woke up at 2:30, was out the door at 3:30, was signed in at work at 4:30 and worked until 4:30 in the afternoon. Then, I got stuck in bumper to bumper traffic on the way home, and went to the store to get a couple of things. By the time I had gotten home, it was 6:30 in the evening. I stayed up until a little after 9 and watched this show called the zoo, about the Bronx Zoo. It was a good show, I learned some things about these birds that I’d never known before. 


When I got home, my Wife had made some enchiladas for us. My Brother In Law and his Wife had came over before I was home and dropped off a picture album. It was an album that they had made for us because, they knew that we didn’t have any wedding pictures. I have a few on my digital camera but, my Sister In Law has 42 of them on her Ipad that she’s never downloaded for us. We’ve been asking for three plus years and she always has some excuse. These pictures yesterday lit up my heart and made me smile. We both wrote our own vows, and my wife said that it made everyone cry. They said that they have more and that they’ll make another album for us later on. I have to thank them when I’m done with this, as I’ve just remembered that I haven’t.

Tomorrow starts a new combination of endless working days, ha ha. I’m just resting today because, I won’t be able to again until the 15th, which is my Wife’s Birthday. Well, I’ve got to do that thank you, and read my Bible verses.




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