I was hoping my thoughts were just paranoia talking.  Not only is he not touching me he doesn’t want me touching him either.  I guess it’s going to be a downhill slide from here before I lose him to someone else.  I’ve stood by him and put up with his shit and now it looks like it’s been all for nothing.  He only tells me he loves me if I instigate it first.  It was a nice thought that a man loved me.  Now that he’s sober he sees the real me…..the me that’s fat and ugly.  To ugly to love.

One thought on “unwanted”

  1. If this guy is treating you like crap he is not worth it. God is getting the right person ready for you, they just may not be ready at the moment. As far as you being ugly I have a saying … There are no ugly people in this world. To someone they are the most beautiful, sexiest, gorgeous/handsome, and hottest they have ever met. With this I mean that everyone is beautiful to someone therefore there is no ugly people.

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