[237] ~*Sat – 04/07/18*~

[11:35 pm]

Gosh! I can’t believe how busy I’ve been. I’ve barely had a minute to myself in the past week. I just finished talking to my mom on the phone and decided to come write or else, I’d be another day without writing.

I am soooo behind on shows this week that I’m trying to listen/watch a show while writing my journal so I can catch up a bit as I won’t really be watching any shows tonight since it’s already so late.

So yesterday was quite a busy day. I worked, then did my grocery, came home and made some food for the suggies, cleaned the kitchen and then went to get my friend so we could go to the Casino. My mom friend had a thing where you pick a card and have free play money and I picked $10 so I played that and didn’t win. I played mom’s $15 and didn’t win. I then played mom’s friend $25 and took out $90 which I did while my friend was in the washroom and didn’t tell her about it cause I felt so bad as she didn’t win anything and actually lost some of her real money. After playing we went to the bar to listen to the band that was playing as my friend new the band members which I met three of the four. I didn’t think we would spend the night there but we stayed there until almost 1:30 am. The band ended at 1 am but we then went outside to talk with the members of the band for a lil. My friend was drunk but she had a good time, she even danced. I wasn’t feeling too hot due to my mucus situation that was bugging me a whole lot so I was basically just sitting there but I’m glad my friend got to have a great time as she doesn’t get to go out and drink often. She then was hungry for McDonald’s so we went out to eat before heading home. I got home it was past 2 am which meant, not enough time for a sleeping pill. Gosh! I got home and I went to the bathroom to puke up some mucus. My friend’s the one drinking and I’m the one puking. No fun!

Let’s just say I was late this morning cause I didn’t wanted to get out of bed at all. I had five hours sleep and didn’t think I would make it through the day. I went out with my first client and then had an hour to nap so of course, I did. I ended up being late for my second client as well cause I again, didn’t wanted to get out of bed. I don’t know how I managed not falling asleep during the movie. We went to see The Quiet Place which was meh at the beginning but about mid movie it started being better. It was just a sorta awkward movie cause the characters weren’t talking much.

While we were coming back from the movie I was feeling very emotional, like I do most Sat’s. We drove in front of a church and of course the bell had to be ringing so that just made it super worse. I wanted to cry so badly but couldn’t cause I had a client with me. I just can’t bare hearing church bells anymore, it’s too much.

When I got home, I had planned on playing on my farming game cause I haven’t really played in the past two days so I’m very behind on the game as well. For some weird reason I was in a cleaning mood when I got home so I started cleaning the counter that has been cluttered since Xmas. That took me an hour so by the time I was done, it was time to head to the bowling ally as me and hub were going bowling with a friend. That was super fun and I hope we get to do that again. I love bowling and miss it so much. I used to play once a week with a client but I no longer have that client so I don’t get to play anymore.

After bowling I drove our friend home and went to get my other friend so we could go back to the Casino and try that free money thing again. I got $15 but didn’t make anything tonight. We still got to play for like an hour so that was fun. My friend won a bit tonight so that’s good.

So yea, busy, busy, busy. I hope things gets back to normal soon cause this is too much for this old gal. Haha! I’m working at the store tomorrow and I think I’m working on Mon night as well and we have a game night with friends on Tue so looks like it won’t slow down any time soon. I don’t know when I’ll be able to catch up on shows. I will try to catch up on my farming game tonight. 

Alright, I’m sure I’m forgetting some things but that’s the big of it. I haven’t really talked to my friend that I spend most of my time with since like, last week. I normally call her almost every night but I haven’t gotten the time as I always get home late. I emailed her once. Hope we will have the chance to go to the buffet on Mon.

Oh yea, yesterday hub got mad at me. Sis’s husband brought a letter for him from his old bank. I didn’t understand what it could be beside a letter saying he owed lots of money for having an inactive account for 10 yrs. Hub always said he closed the account when he made a new one with another bank when we got the house but I honestly don’t recall him ever closing the account. That said, I know they charge you when your account becomes inactive and if this is the case, he most owe a lot of money cause it’s gonna be 10 yrs. I was stressing and just wanted to know what the letter was. Ended up being a letter asking him to vote for something for the bank which I also got cause I have an account with that bank. So yea, it wasn’t what I was expecting but I still don’t understand why he would be getting this voting letter as well if he didn’t have an account with the bank anymore. I asked him to go check with the bank if he had indeed closed the account 10 yrs ago. He then sorta got mad at me cause I don’t believe he closed the account. Arg! I asked if he ever signed any paper to close the account and he said no, he didn’t have to. I’m pretty sure that when you close a bank account you need to sign some papers. I just really don’t want a bill to ever show up where we owe hundreds of dollars just because he had an inactive account. He’s saying that if he would of still had the account for all these years, he would of probably gotten a letter about it before now. I’m not so sure about that and if he did, it would of went to his parents address cause that’s the address he had with that bank account and his parents don’t always pay attention to their mail. I want to ask him again to go check if it’s really close but I kinda don’t want to bring it up again cause it made him angry. I’m not too sure what to do about this cause if ever he does owe them money, I don’t want it to keep going up with the years. I wonder if the account ever stops existing after a certain amount of years. I read online that if there’s an inactive account with money on it that after 10 yrs if they can’t find the person who it belongs to, the money goes to the Country’s bank. I just don’t know!

Well, time to finish that show I’m watching and play on my farming game so I can try to catch up on what I’ve missed and then head to bed to read and sleep.




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