I can’t do this anymore… My mom and her now ex boyfriend Jerry finally broke up. He is psycho though, he put a recorder in my mom’s truck and bedroom. He was accusing my mom of cheating and saying that supposedly he could hear a man on the recorder, which is bull crap. My mother doesn’t have any one, she’s happy being single. He accused my mom of dating someone from California named Thomas, we don’t know anyone from California. My mom asked me to block him on her phone so I did, today he called me, but I was at work so I wasn’t able to answer. He left me a voice mail to call him back that it was urgent, I told my mom and she told me to call him… The bullshit he made up I swear!

He said, “I have some very important information regarding your mom, what I’m about to tell you is going to break your heart and it’s disgusting. Your mom is having sex with your boyfriend Eddie.” 

Like seriously find a hobby dude, stop making lies about my mom. She doesn’t fucking want you!!! 

I told him, “Seriously Jerry you don’t have anything else to fucking do than making up lies. All you have been saying is bull crap and we are over it, leave us alone, I’m blocking your number.” And I hung up.

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