Shakespeare Was Queer Like Me and Would Appreciate This Sonnet

i looked it up, 

he was probably bi.





Let’s say I had a dollar for each time

I’m told my love is wrong, or I am sick

That who I am is rightfully a crime

And sex and love between girls doesn’t stick,

Then I could buy another flannel shirt

Perhaps a dress to scandalize the crowds

They’d whisper all about my high-cut skirt

But I don’t care, my head is in the clouds.

My lover is the song stuck in my head

Her smile playing on repeat through the night

I look at them, but I see her instead

And when I see her, everything is right.

If I am sick, then love can be the cure

My eyes get starry when I look at her.

One thought on “Shakespeare Was Queer Like Me and Would Appreciate This Sonnet”

  1. What a beautiful sonnet. You are a good writer! Sonnets take talent to write. Keep on writing poetry and KEEP it. I gathered all my poems that I could find and took them to UPS where they spiral-bound them. It is so satisfying to have that collection, some from my college days.

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