So after leaving my marriage, I became lost… As now I had to figure out how to raise two children with no employable skills and relearn how to live life.. Alone.   

At this point my life only went terribly wrong. The first thing that happened if I was hit head on by a woman that was driving on my side of the road. My leg was crushed and I couldn’t walk. My two small children were left without, and needles to say… I allowed them to leave with my ex husband to live. I was again completely lost and utterly alone. 

My world kept caving in every time I thought I may have made the slightest bit of progress. Nothing was working. 

There was one main character in my story at that point…he was an exceptionally small man with an exceptionally large presence. His biker club name was “gar.” he was leaving that life behind when I met him. Fresh outta the boat from Chicago. He eventually had begun a tattoo business in the back part of his house in which he proceeded to mark me up every time he got out a gun. That’s where most of my tattoos came from. He also got me into riding. I used to enjoy it so much. It was always a sort of freedom you feel when riding a motorcycle.  He’s since died.. On a motorcycle of course. He caused a blackout in half of the town because he hit an electric pole causing the wires to fall and entangle him. He was mean too. He was sometimes cruel. He was airways testing me in one way or another. 

I had left that state and was living in the northern part of the country when he died. I had begun to commit to another relationship and ended up married to this one. He was my second husband. I loved him but could not save him. He had a liver transplant right before meeting me.. The night we went on our first date… After he dropped me off.. He fell. He began to drink again regardless of the new liver. That only lasted a year and a half before he called from work one day and informed me that he didn’t feel like he wanted to be married any more. I packed my things and left that day. At which point I drove for three days and went south. 

After that marriage ended… Once more.. I had to figure it all out.. Alone…and at this time I also began to realize… It’s always gonna be like this. 

I believed everything that I had learned about God.. I knew His way is the only way. But for some reason I kept missing the bigger picture. 

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