I’m done with Ian.  I woke up at 4 am and he wasn’t in the room and god only knows how long he was gone………I got up and got dressed and to go for a walk around the building and see if both cars were here and they were.  He probably had her pick him up. He came running up behind me, shirtless, claiming to be in an empty bathroom.  I can’t believe how stupid I am.  It was so dumb to believe that he actually loved me….just like my ex husband.  My own mother threw me away like a piece of trash.  How can I expect a stranger to want me.

I’ll bet it’s the bitch that he was with when he met me.  I just wish he would leave already and go be with her and let me move on.  I’m taking this is a sign that I am to spend my life alone, just me and the cat Murray.  I wish I could have a shot a true love.  I got my second chance and screwed it up too.

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