My Saturday

12:03 PM sitting at the coffee shop called Nothing but coffee in ktown. Wanted to check this place out since my colleague talked about it yesterday. A good place to come and work. I like the interior, tables, and the accessibility to the outlet. The coffee is little over priced tho. $5 for the honey latte just sounds little bit too much for me. Anyways, not a big deal. I still like the place.

I actually came out to ktown earlier to have a late breakfast at California market but had to come back to home then come back out again. It was little annoying but I’m here and I have entire afternoon to work on the project and get a plan for the trip to Mexico city next week.

Gotta check on the domain I bought last night and work on the app. Also, gotta find a place to stay in Mexico city when I get tired to work on the app.

Got a plan later today at 8 PM in ktown but that’s pretty much it for today plus the app 🙂 Gotta jump into it now!

Happy a great weekend!

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