Next weekend’s plans

Went to work this morning. Signed in, went to the bathroom, come back out made me a cup of coffee because, I’d had no tea and there were twelve coworkers waiting for routes. I didn’t het one today, and drove back home. We’re going to ho out later on today at some point. I want to see the babies and we’re going to return some stuff to best buy. 


I worked on my writing late last nite before I turned in and did six pages. I just finished doing nine pages right now. I told my Wife this morning that she was going to jave to choose either a blouse, or another top or a nitegown from either Jcpenny’s or Macy’s. She said that she wants a chocolate cake for her Birthday next Sunday, and I already know that she wants to go to the Mexican restaurant for dinner.  she can have whatever she wants, she is worth everything to me. I even told her, if she wanted to she could get anything from Victoria’s Secret, ha ha. 


She just made me one of my favourites, English muffin, cheese, scrambled eggs, miracle whip and Morningstar farms vegetarian sausage, yummy… I got her onto the sausage, she was reluctant to try it but, when  she did she loved it. I’m doing to start updating my wardrobe after next weekend. One shirt and one pair of pants at a time. 




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