Restless legs Syndrome

I am having restless legs syndrome in my arms and legs at night.  It’s horrible.  My skin feels like little bugs are crawling around inside it, where I can’t scratch them or have any way of alleviating the pain. It’s not exactly pain—it is actually worse.  I could go to sleep with a little pain somewhere, but this creeping sensation makes me crazy.  Does anyone know something to help with this?  One person told me melatonin.  Any other ideas? Please?

2 thoughts on “Restless legs Syndrome”

  1. My husband uses a product called Restful Legs. It’s a small pill that you place under the tongue and it dissolves that way. He swears by it and I have to make sure our supply never runs out, lol. Walmart sells it and so does

    Sorry you are having such troubles and hope it goes away soon.

  2. Thank you SO much, Cat Mom! I am heading for Walmart in a few minutes. I hope I can find it there. God bless you!

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