this is long but the back story

I decide to tell my story of how I got to where I am and share it on here for whatever it is worth all thanks to Home Sweet Home I’m doing this in chapters, so it won’t be so long to read at one time

Not even sure where to start not because it was a bad day just the opposite maybe by a little reflection of my time before I stated living there is no other way to say it. and just to understand I’m not passing judgment but have a lot of anger I know so here I go Mom was in a wreck when I was like five and after she got hooked on pain killers and then found jack and coke, Dad made excuses for her. I became the kid that had the dope head mom and no kids could come over and I was the druggy kid at school and all that comes with that picked on, made fun of, even fist fights. and at home told I caused it to happen it was my fault Dad just made excuses for mom and would say bab’s just go ride your horse and mom be asleep later I know dad sounds bad but he was as lost as I was it took me a long time to see what he was trying to do I know it sounds dumb but mom does love both of us and she did try to get help put the doc’s just gave her more pills so enough of that. Three and a half months ago Dad walked in and said We are moving to start over and we are leaving everything bad here and he loaded everything we had in the trailer Dad never said a word the hole time. We didn’t know we was moving not sure he did till it happen after the truck and trailer was loaded he loaded my horse and walked in the house I was so scared I didn’t know what was happening and as bad as my life was it was the only life I had ever known it was the only place I had ever lived only school I had ever been to . We started out I ask dad where we were going too He look over and said to have a normal live and looked at mom and said you know I love you but you have to decide here and now jack and the pain meds stay here or I drop you off at your mom’s houses I it took every penny we had in savings but I found a rehab for you and then you can come with us you tell me what you are going to do before you start pick one of those and don’t say anything else we are not talking about this if you start you get out here I love more than you could ever know but I’m done and Bab’s done but you have to decided for you. I won’t go in to what happen next, but she picked rehab. We dropped here of and started driving I ask dad where we was going he said to be honest I don’t know we will know when we get there or run out of money, we drove three days stopping at night at road side parks so my horse could rest and we finally came to a town and stopped to get fuel and dad looked on a bulletin board it had a notice on it that said house with five acres for rent available now see clerk. Dad walked in and when he came out he said ok we are home and we drove to the house and he unloaded called to tell mom where we moved. He unloaded are stuff and here we are.We arrived on Friday night so I had all weekend to think about school and what to hell had just happen Monday came fast and dad took me to enroll in school It was the scariest thing I had ever done walking in to that school. Everybody looking at me I knew that all hated me already I wanted to go back to the old house as bad as that was I knew it was better than this was going to be, but I stayed even made it to lunch a couple of girls came over and set down with me at lunch and talked to me I never had that happen in my life and ask like a million question and then the bell rang and to my surprise they said come on we will show you where your next class on the way out I seen the cuties guy I have ever seen in my life blond hair blue eyes tight jean perfect butt. I ask who is that one of the girls said O that’s Wyatt I spent the rest of the days thinking about him knowing he was so far out of my league but I can look and it took my mind off everything else I lived though the first day got home and it was so weird even though I’m 16 it was the first time in my life I had ever come home from school and no one was there it was scary to me as dumb as that sounds. Dad got home we went shopping that was a first too then he cooked it was bad but I ate it and then went and saddled my best friend and rode till dark being on my horse was the only time I was ever happy he was always glade to see me and me him and he knew all my secrets and never told anybody LOL. I got to school the next day and went to the gym that’s where everybody goes to wait for the bell the two girls I meet yesterday came over to say hi I learned at that moment I have no people skills and nothing in common with my peers and new I going to mess this up then Wyatt I love typing his name anyways he walked up and talked to the girls I was with and looked at me and said hi I’m Wyatt I looked him straight in the face and said I’m Wyatt tank you for talking to me I could have died. He looked at me and said K and walked off I wanted to die everyone was laughing at me I didn’t speak to anybody the rest of the day. I got home saddled my horse rode till dark and cried because I knew it would start going bad cause I blew it. The next day I waited outside for the bell I just couldn’t go back in there the bell rang so I started in for class and Wyatt walked by and said Hey Wyatt why didn’t you come in this morning I just looked at him Then he said it is going to be confusing if I everyone calls us Wyatt do you have another name I can call you I looked down and said Babbie He said well that name suits you better than Wyatt and walked off. To my surprise the girls I had meet came up to me and said we missed you this morning and they never said a word about be making a ass out of myself. After school. I was heading home, and Wyatt walked by and said we could hang out sometime if you’re not too busy. I couldn’t say anything and walked off so ended up crying again. The next day in the gym Wyatt walk over and set down and said so why are you weird I didn’t say a word so he got up and he walked off said I still want to hang out will I said fine ok after school if that works, and that is find where the dairy started not sure why he still speaks to me or even don’t run when he sees me that makes senses if you have read the other entries I have wrote

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