“You dont know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have”.
Isn’t that so true?!
10 years ago from now, I’d have never imagined Id survive anything as traumatizing as my marriage….but I did.. I had to… I had no choice. And here I am today!
The truth is we human, are capable of surviving any kind of adversity. The more adversity you experience, the stronger and more resilient you become.
Looking back on my past 8 years, I must say they’ve been the most difficult times of my life. Things are still not good. Im struggling with a lot of things even now. Past 1 year has been even more tormenting. But I know everything happens for a reason. All of these things are working together to make me the best version of my myself. Even though I am not having the best experience, I’ll come out of it learning. In some ways I have come to realize its exactly the challenge I need.
So whatever I am going through right now is preparing me for better tomorrow. I feel weak, defeated and lonely. I feel hurt and angry. I’m in pain…so much pain it sucks! Sometimes it’s unbearable.

However,  I’m also allowing myself to feel all that I need to feel and heal. No escaping! Just feel it and get over it no matter how long it takes. Learn and grow! 

One day at a time.
I’ll get there someday.

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