[238] ~*Sun – 04/08/18*~

[9:50 pm]

My body is so sore. Today it’s not only my feet but my whole body that hurts. I just want to go lay in the tub but I wanted to write before or else, I prob won’t write tonight. Seems like I’m having a hard time keeping up with my entries lately as everything else. I’m still so very behind on shows as I didn’t have much time to watch them. I did catch up on my farming game earlier so that’s one good thing.

My day at the store wasn’t too bad as it went by fairly quickly. We’re finally of this day and age at the store. We were still doing everything by hand, on paper, as far as money wise and everything else. They finally updated their system and we now have NO PAPERWORK what so ever. It’s so nice! Everything is done straight up on the cashes and you don’t even need to balance anything at the end of the day beside the safe and petty. Awesome! It’s about freaking time as we were still in the age of the cave men. Lol!

On Sun I normally get myself some pizza after work but I decided to be good and come home to make myself something to eat instead. I feel like I’ve been eating out way too much and hub has been doing so good with bringing himself a lunch at work.

So I got home, made myself some supper and did some catching up on my farming game while my food was cooking. That’s pretty much it thought. I felt like I had plenty of time to catch up on shows tonight but it’s already pretty much 10 pm and I’ve only watched one show. Arg! I want to go take a bath as my body needs to relax and I also need to get my paperwork ready for the week or at least for tomorrow. I wanted to do the dishes but I think that will wait. I honestly don’t know where the time has been going. I just don’t have a minute to myself. My friend actually wrote me and email earlier to see if I was mad at her or something as I haven’t called her since I’ve been back and I normally call her almost every night. I just haven’t gotten the time. I hope we have time to go for the buffet tomorrow but the way it’s going, I won’t have time. I work at the store tomorrow night and I have a feeling I won’t be having any cancellation like I normally do on Mon’s just because my life seems to be so very busy lately.

Anyways, the tub is calling my name. Time to go relax in the tub for a lil and then I guess I’ll be watching a show and by then it’s gonna be time to head to bed. 


[11:01 pm]

Sometimes I shouldn’t be allowed to take a bath. Lol! I just spend too much time in there. When I take a bath, I normally lay there and read for like 20 mins. Tonight I knew I wasn’t gonna read for long as I only had 10 pages left to the book I was reading so I figured 20 mins in total would be enough. I got smart, I now put an alarm when I take a bath or else I’d be in there for hours. That said, after 20 mins my alarm went off but I decided to stay an extra 10 mins. If I don’t touch my alarm, it goes straight to snooze for 10 mins. When it went off after 10 mins, I still didn’t felt like I had been in there long enough so I stayed another 10 mins. When the alarm went off once again, I had to force myself to get out. Arg! My body feels much better now thought. I just didn’t wanted to spend too much time in there so I could watch an extra show. Oh well!

While I was laying in the tub relaxing I was thinking about things I forgot to mention in my entries. That brain of mine can’t shut off and just not think. So yesterday when I finally decided to clean that counter that was super cluttered, I put away some Xmas gifts and Bday gift that were just sitting on the counter. My mom bought me a piggy bank that says “Casino Night” on it so I totally put it on the bedside table in the guest room where she sleeps when she comes over. I wonder if she will get the hint, that she needs to put money in it. Haha!

I was also thinking of how beautiful it was on Fri night when we got out of the Casino me and my friend. We got out and it was snowing and it was like super huge snowflakes. It was just so beautiful. Something you would see in a romantic movie.

I’m pretty sure I had also thought of something else but I just can’t remember what it was.




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