Back Home

I had been busy before in reaching my dreams in life, and now it’s getting steady again. I have graduated,  and I am back in my country now.

I am still adjusting here. I had been away for three years and the foreign country has changed me a lot. 

I am not used to conversing well with  people now, and I am not as brave as I was before ( before I went abroad) . I also learned now to just stay silent and be a good listener, maybe that’s the effect my lots of “me-time” there and lesser interaction with people. 

I have colds now, I did not have colds for a long time in the foreign country. I am still adjusting to the environment like the noise and also the temperature here. Yesterday, I was doing my laundry. Laundry here took the whole day of my time ,while laundry there only took around 30 minutes  to 1  hour. 

Anyway, every country has its good and bad side. 

I did not instantly notice that there had been something wrong in my English when I was editing my resume. Here grammar is very  important. There, English was acceptable regardless of the grammar, so I did not care much about my English there as long as it could be understood. 

My practical skills have improved. I can easily operate the machines here.  It is good that machines here are written in Roman alphabet. Maybe that is the effect of me operating lab instruments in the foreign country wherein the writings were in foreign letters. After experiencing those difficulties in the instruments, some things become easier for me. 

I wished my crush good luck for tomorrow through LINE, and he replied Wah and two thumbs up. Tomorrow will be his first day of school in the University. I don’t know when I will see him again. He is still there in the foreign country. Starting his education there. While I already am back home. 

Anyway, it’s good to have known him and I did not regret letting him know about my feelings for him. Whether he will reciprocate or not, it will be his decision. Things are just getting nearly impossible for us to be lovers, because of our large age gap, large distance, and also because of his mother. His mother does not like my religion. Also, sometimes I question if he likes a boy or a girl or both?

I liked him a lot but I also am learning to accept things. My life is already planned by my God so whoever will be my spouse later, he will come at God’s planned time. 

I have not given up on my dream for further education. But now, I’ll take rest. It’s time to spend valuable time with my family here.  I do have some pressure of finishing my education earlier so that I can start a family of my own. How many years will I be staying here, I don’t know.  In a matter of time, I’ll be back chasing for my dreams again.

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