Off One….

I’m 10 days off the first med. and have cut down on the other. I’ll step down another quarter of the first tab that would put me at half the dosage. I see the Dr. on the 3rd. I don’t think he’ll be to upset with it. I haven’t been sleeping and regardless of what I do now or wait, I’m coming off all but the sleeping one. I need to do this while I have a easy work cycle as I will not be able to work with no sleep as I am now. I won’t know if I can keep this work till May 14th. I need to plan on getting off this stuff by the middle of June. I’m sure that it will be a huge change as I will be “moody” but at least I know what the thoughts are as was different before. Also not that I have “hope” or “faith” but I do know that the 3 things that are different are that I’m coming off these meds. I’m retiring regardless of whats going on..I’ll be close enough and there are options there. And I do have options for where I’m leaving and I don’t have to live here. So it’s neutral. I have to eat and go to work. Thanks 

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