.i rarely write something good here

.well, today isn’t any different


.i feel very lonely

.not like “no one is talking to me” but that one when you feel left behind

.when you feel like no one can even help you to get your mind off

.i stopped seeing my friends and they stopped talking to me

.i don’t know how they’re doing and they don’t know how i am

.but i chose this

.i feel so lost when i am with someone

.i can’t stop feeling everything that i feel

.i just feel like i’m in the same place i’ve been for years now

.my life just stopped progressing a while ago

.i am so tired of the same faces, same talks, same places

.i feel the urge to change my life completely but how can i even do that


.i am tired

. i am lonely


.sometimes i can start crying in the bus or in the middle of the street

.just because the realization of my useless life hits me so fucking bad

.i can’t stand myself anymore


.i feel better when i am by meself

.but at the same time i feel so bad when i am in my own head


.i used to be good at listening people

.now i hate when they talk, talk, talk

.it just feels like i’m getting worse as a person

.but at some point i feel better

.my willing to live is bigger because i want to change everything

 .but i still wanna die as much as before

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