why cant anything change?

Why cant I get  new psychiatrist? After he took me off the higher dose of guanafacine for ADHD, if I really have it, I got OK. He had the dose up to two mg but it does not sound like much for medicine but is more fir this med which is also used to treat high bp. Already I take metoprolol for palpitations and it helps. I take it 50 mg once in the morning and I am fine. 

Later when I go back to him he starts saying how I must be dehydrated and just need to drink more water and put me back on that higher dose. Hell no. If I have to go around with water bottles glued to my hip and peeing every ten minutes, I will have no life. Hello! I do go places and do things….Also this bull about drinking eight glasses of water a day ui the stupidest thing I ever heard of. I can drink maybe up to two 16 ounces of water per day. That’s it. Usually though I can’t get through two bottles. I’m just not thirsty. 

I hope I can get a new doctor. I’m so tired of this man. 

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  1. Shannon, I hope you can find a doctor you really like who can help you feel better. God bless!

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