[239] ~*Mon – 04/09/18*~

[11:28 pm]

I really didn’t think I would be lucky enough to get some cancellation today but I did. My first client cancelled so I got to sleep an extra three hours which was good cause I was so very tired. Even with the extra hours, I was still tired when I got out of bed and I just wanted to keep sleeping. My last client also ended up cancelling so I picked up my friend and we went to the Casino for the buffet. I had so much to tell her as I hadn’t talked to her for like a week. I ended up playing mom’s $5 and her friend’s $5 and didn’t make anything. We had to wait for the buffet as it was busy so I decided to play $10 of my own money and nothing. Bleh!

I worked at the store and I’m getting really fed up with it. The manager always expect me to pick up others shit and it’s frustrating. I get there to basically do the closing and she tells me to put away stuff that was left on the floor. Why do I have to pick up after others?! It’s getting really annoying. One of the staff also never listens to me and it’s getting on my last nerve. I honestly don’t know why I stay there. Well, I know, I’m greedy and I want money. I’m also a workaholic. I’d like to find another place to work but I really don’t know who would hire me for one day a week. I just miss the good old days when it used to be fun working there. The company changed so much that it’s a torture to work for them. They expect so much from you and most of the time it’s impossible to do what they want.

Anyways, I’m currently watching a show and I think I will go relax in the tub after. I think I’m all caught up on shows. I didn’t think that would happen but a lot of shows didn’t play or ended and I don’t know about it but yea, I was able to catch up. I have a feeling I’ll be going to bed late but I could be wrong. I want to clean the suggies cage tomorrow but I kinda already know that I’ll be sleeping till late. We’re also going to a game night in the evening.

That’s about it for today.




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