A Promise: A Journey through Fear


by Trevor Goforth

We live in a world that it seems like it is spiraling out of control. Everywhere you look there seems to be pain and suffering. There seems to be no middle ground. Things have become so polarized. From Donald Trump’s gas lighting rhetoric and North Korea’s posturing. Governments worldwide are more and more ignoring the working class and the working poor.

Extremism is all around us. From extreme male behaviors that allow men to constantly to mistreat women to extreme feminism that will not accept that men can change and do so. Extreme religious beliefs that lead to horrible acts of terror, extreme racial hate on all levels. I can go on here but the point is that there seems to be a lot of pain, suffering and fear in the world both on a global level and personal level.

How that pain drives you to live in fear. But it has been said; “Whatever we fear establishes the boundaries of our freedom.” – Erwin McManus

We cannot allow the pain and fear to hedge us in so we cannot breathe. More importantly I believe that each of us are stronger than we perceive ourselves during times of pain, suffering and fear.

Beauty and strength are always forged out great suffering and pain unfortunately for some it’s just the way of the world but we can rise above those who choose to inflict the pain but only if we choose to fight on or die trying.  Love will always win even in the face of death.

We cannot take the pain away but what we all can do is try our best at listening, shoulders to cry on, and arms to hold each other. Each of us can be a voice to lift each other out of the pain, suffering and fear. We all can be that someone who cannot share the pain but walk beside each other in this journey called life.

We all know that only Frodo could carry the ring himself. Others had tried and failed and only Frodo could bear the suffering that came with the ring in order to destroy it in the fires of Mt. Doom.

Frodo (like many of us when faced with immense pain, suffering and fear) tried to go it alone and his friend Sam stops him and says; “I made a promise, Mr Frodo. A promise. “Don’t you leave him Samwise Gamgee.” And I don’t mean to.”

In the end it was Sam and Frodo at the end of all things. But it wasn’t without pain, suffering and fear. But together they journeyed through it all because of a promise.

When we choose to journey along someone else, we choose to to be like Sam and say to the person next to you; “I made a promise, A promise. “Don’t you leave them…And I don’t mean to.”

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