entry for the day, nothing really special

I kind of got over the shitty feeling I was experiencing yesterday which is a good thing. Sundays I usually get to spend time with my friend over an online program called “Discord” while playing a group game. He moved away not too long ago but I miss him and I haven’t really had anyone to hang out with. Needless to say it’s been a bit lonely on the friendship side, but I’m thankful programs like this exist because it helps us keep in touch frequently. I talked to my other friend this morning as well, he moved too…but he’s back. He’s been a bit distant and recently, he’s been trying to give me relationship advice and tips on how to approach women. I helped him through a rut before so he’s only doing what he thinks is necessary because he’s my friend. It’s my fault that he doesn’t know me too well, he doesn’t think I can think for myself. But that’s pretty much been my day, just been keeping to myself. Tomorrow is a new day.

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