HOA: Home Owner’s Aggravation

Our HOA can be a pain in the ass. Its interesting how we pay them 77.00 every 4 months to have them send us a love note when a committee goes around and inspects the properties. I swear there must a newer OCD person on the inspection board because for the past 9 months our house has gotten dinged a few times. Last fall it was the trim around our garage needing painting. This spring we are told we have to repair a low block wall in our front yard. The wall is shared by the house next door that is a rental. I was told by the HOA manager that the homeowner of that house is 50% responsible for the repair cost, which is good since the one estimate we have got so far is roughly for 800.00

However this is where it gets tricky. I wasn’t able to obtain the homeowner information, just the realty company that manages the property. So I am going to have send that company a letter along with a copy of our HOA inspection notice to try to find out who the owner is. I also want to know why I haven’t heard anything since I am sure that house was given the same notice we were since the wall is shared between our front yards. I plan on doing all communication through certified letters or email. I have watched enough Judge Judy, People Court, and Hot Bench shows to know that a paper trail is preferred over verbal communication.

Speaking of TV shows, Trading Spaces is back on TLC! I loved that show in the early 2000’s. Paige Davis is back as host and so are alot of the designers. My husband heard me yell at Hildy, what the heck are you thinking?? while watching the first episode. I cannot wait to see Vern Yip return. He was my favorite designer and his rooms always kicked ass.

We are also extremely excited for the return of the 100 for Season 5 and Into The Badlands for Season 3. Infinity Wars and Deadpool 2 hit theaters at the end of April and middle of May. It’s going to be an awesome spring for entertainment.

Catch you all on the flip side.

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