Not too painful

Originally, I was going to just not call and not show up for my shift today. But then I thought about it and realized that doing that would have been just as unprofessional and uncalled for as my co-workers were when they left me with my butt in the wind. No matter how jackarsed an employer or the workers are, one should always conduct himself or herself professionally.

The best thing for me to do would have been to give a full two weeks notice and worked the two weeks with my head held up high. It would have been awesome if I had been able to give them 110 percent of myself to show them the awesome employee that they ran off and then just left on my last day. That would have been a professionally proper resignation. 

Sometimes, we just can’t give a professionally proper resignation. Re-exposing myself to the politics and such would have been detrimental to my spiritual and emotional health, so there was no way I could do that. However, I did want to give the store manager, the one who hired me, the common courtesy of letting her know I wasn’t coming back. That way, she could fill the spot immediately instead of waiting to find out what the crap I was doing and having to go through a lengthy process. Now, whatever she does with that information is on her. I know I did the right thing. 

They didn’t answer the phone the first time I called. I called back and asked for the store manager. I was on hold for a few minutes, and then someone hung up on me. I called back and I got voicemail, so I left my message on voicemail and stated my employee ID and purpose of the call. Now they know. The responsibility is no longer mine to do anything. I can now just move on knowing that I did the best that I could given the situation. If they do anything shady or dishonest as far as documenting how I resigned, that’s on them. 

The manager at the other store is going to let me work one day so far this week. I’ll probably have to regain some trust with her or something, and I’m okay with that. I’m okay with the pay rate that they gave me. Yeah, I could have gotten more someplace else, but it wasn’t really the hourly rate I was worried about. It was those dang benefits. I was trying so hard to get coverage so that I didn’t have to deal with these people in the medical field that I felt did not care enough or do enough. The one volunteer said that lupus was not her specialty.

Yes, I understand that lupus is a strange disease, and she’s not a rheumatologist, but that has nothing to do with her overall stinky attitude toward me, or the sarcasm, or the fact that they started ignoring my kidneys when they’re still deteriorating. I just wanted some more personalized care. It’s hard to get the attention you need or personalized treatment when you’re dealing with volunteers who are flooded with patients who have no insurance. 

That’s why I had originally left my part-time job to go work full-time. I needed the benefits, but it all turned out to be a waste of time. I’m just glad  I didn’t put up with it for several months. Technically, they were an at-will employer who could have terminated me for any reason of any kind one night before my benefits kicked in if they wanted to. Not that they would have, but could you imagine? 

I’m about to start my at-home workday now, and I’m going to put some platinum spark plugs in my car later. I’ve had this car now five years, and I only remember having them changed once if that. I might have the wrong car in mind. I’m buying pregapped ones to see if they make a difference in the car’s performance. My manual says they need to be platinum. The salesperson suggested iridium, but my manual says platinum, lol. I’m going to go with what the manual says. If the platinum ones help, then maybe I will invest in some better ones later. 

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