I received an email today telling me that open diary is making a come back. This was of much interest seeing as i have had 5 or 6 over the journey as sometimes you need to move on when the wrong person finds what you’ve writen lol.

But i was able to resurrect an old diary that i had all but forgotten about which was essentially a whole bunch of letters back and forth between an old flame and myself. Quiet the interesting read lol the sad part was being able to watch how a person changes over time for what ever reason but also how they try to cover up and lie about things. Being now that i know the whole story the truth of many situations, it was almost uncanny how you could watch the deception grow for no other reason than a guilty conscience when the events actually had no bearing on the situation other than to produce a toxic relationship that became based on lies rather than the purity it started out with.

But anywho, the past is the past and change happens, there is no ill will left nor bad thoughts other than the loss of a very dear friend, but i did get me wondering, why do we stop recording our hope dreams and aspirations? Life gets in the way and all the random thoughts just get wasted rather than having a place to sort them out.

So here i am, lets try again and see if this is still a thing or if it just ends up off in the either when interest slowly fades.

After all, could be fun 🤣

2 thoughts on “Reminiscing”

  1. Woooah, OD is back???? And the old diaries are still accessible??????????

  2. Indeed it is, if you have the same email address or can remember your login you can recover your old diary

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