[240] ~*Tue – 04/10/18*~

[3:45 pm]

As always, another day off wasted. It’s almost 4 pm and I pretty much just got out of bed. I ended up putting my book away at 4 am last night so I slept for almost 12 hours. I could of prob gotten out of bed before now but I just didn’t wanted to. My body is so sore right now from staying in bed this long and I just coughed-puke some mucus. I just got out of bed and already don’t have any energy. I am currently doing some laundry and debating on doing the suggies cage. I think it’s too late to be doing it now but I hate not cleaning it when it’s due. It’s so hard cause there’s only one day where I can clean it. This is when I get upset cause hub has three days off so he could do it no problem compared to me that has one day off. He honestly never cleaned the cage, not even once, and we had the suggies for two years now. Bleh!

I can’t stop coughing and I feel like shit today. We’re going to a game night at some friends at 7 pm so, in three hours. I just hope I start feeling better cause this isn’t gonna be fun at all. We also need to go get our taxes before going over and I’d like to go out to eat and grab some snacks. That said, we’d have to leave around 5:30 if we want to have time to get everything done. 

Arg! I had to stop writing and go cough-puke AGAIN. I don’t even have the energy to cough anymore. I feel like there’s no strength in my body. I’m so very tired of this. I am for sure not cleaning the suggies cage today cause I have no strength to stay up and clean for an hour right now. I’m getting very discouraged with this “sickness”, especially that there isn’t anything I can do about it. I still don’t know if it’s related to allergies or not but I hope when I go to the allergy clinic they will be able to help me out.





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