anyone can empathise?

this is my first time writing something like that and I would really love an opinion. If some grammar is wrong I am sorry English isn’t my first language.
I feel like I can’t really talk with anyone, even my friends and my family make me feel bad thinking like that. I am a smart person, most people tell me that I am too smart, they tell me that it’s a good thing and that they envy me but they have no idea how it feels like. They keep telling me that they have a hard time at school and they have no idea how it’s so easy for me but there are other things that are really hard for me. every time they say something is hard I can’t help but to roll my eyes, they talk about it like it’s some big challenge and I don’t even have to think to do what they study hours for. It makes me feel like everyone are slower than me. When I try to explain something to them usually I understand it while just reading it from a page and they have to think and read and be in class and still they need my explanation. I don’t want to look like some know it all so I don’t say anything but they can’t understand what it’s like to know everything an hour before anyone else even gets close to it. They have no idea what goes around in my head, how much information pass through it every second. I am really not a showoff, most people don’t even know I am smart but even the ones who do can’t understand what it’s like, always having to explain everyone and I am just so sick of it. I have so much pressure because I chose many classes and everyone keeps expecting me to help them. I don’t know if there are many people who can understand my situation but it makes me feel better talking about it, I could never do it anywhere else. Imagine someone telling you wow I am too smart, I have such a big problem, but it’s not like that. Now imagine someone having troubled thoughts that he is different from everyone else, always thinking that he is an outsider, no matter how much he gets close to society he will always have a huge distinctive from everyone else, something he can’t share. This is my problem and I hope there is someone who can empathize. I would love to hear some thoughts.

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  1. Hi I am 16 and thanks haha it’s nice to get something like that off my chest.

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