I see you and I hear you

 Dear J,
Is it possible to be over life? To be sick of everything that once brought you joy? I guess so. I’m at work right now. Everything is different and it doesn’t seem right to be here. I should be with you talking to you, laughing with you, teasing you, texting you, playing sports with you, eating.. WITH YOU. Not speaking to you aimlessly wondering if you here me. Do you? Do you hear me? I hope so. I hear you. I hear you everywhere all the time, especially when I’m alone. Or trying to sleep. I see you and I hear you. A part of me wants it to stop and forget everything. Another part of me never wants you to go away and wants to hear and see you always and forever. You probably think this is creepy. But you aren’t here to tell me that so I’ll keep writing these till you can.
Gotta go, sincerely,
~Your favorite sibling

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