Ingredients, Not Calories

They recommend no more than 20g of sugar a day for women and 36g a day for men. Not sure if this means natural sugars only as opposed to refined or if it’s counting all sugars.

Also, no more than 300 milligrams of cholesterol and no more than 1500 of sodium.

Ironically enough, foods higher in sodium and cholesterol seem to be higher in calories, so if you lower your sodium and cholesterol intake that should take care of the calories. In my case, it should keep me from gaining but most people might lose this way. Even so, where I used to count calories now I will be counting cholesterol and definitely sodium to get my blood pressure down. It’s improving but still needs work. Won’t know about the cholesterol until June.

It could be just a coincidence but it seems that adding a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar to my diet as I have for about a week now may be helping my lichen planus. This rash affects moist areas. I realized I hadn’t been itching as much and when I checked one of my armpits I couldn’t see any redness.

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