Whirlpool Ride NO. Who Knows

So dear imaginary reader!

it has been a while and i feel so sorry. 

it could have been so much fun and resolution writing this journal. But maybe it’s not that late. it doesnt matter much. ’cause im gonna start it again and this time… well, i do my best to keep it updated. 

my fingers are ecstatic about writing on my guilty pleasure: netflixing all chicagos in 3-4 days *_*

but my mind is highly against it. that makes it an online diary. or it was already such an abomination, but it just makes it official…..

anyway. this is it. my rambling for this post is done. 

let’s try hard and have a good year. we can cry about failing in that any time we want.


PS: the photo for this post is -unfortunately- completely irrelevant and random. i’ll try harder to at least check a folder fully next time.  

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