Writing and nursing

Went to work yesterday, and it was the start of a frustrating day. I was there checked in at 4:35 in the morning, and they didn’t have my route ready for me until 6:00am. I stood there for 90 minutes waiting for it. From there I go to the petrol station to fill up and had to call them twice before they came down. I got my first delivery done sometime after 7am. It started snowing in the morning and my feet got soaked. Then it cleared up and was sunny for the rest of the day. I worked until 5:45pm. Tired as all get out I got home at 6:45. I took today off because I was exhausted but, because of something else that happened yesterday. For whatever reason, I was walking back to the van after a delivery and I decided to put the gps unit in my mouth whilst I adjusted my pants. Bad decision, I instantly felt the loose tooth that I have in the front give way and it almost came out. I don’t have a regular dentist because my employer doesn’t offer insurance. So, now I am nursing it ever so gently. I will get it taken care of next Thursday morning on my day off. I will just go in as an emergency situation. I just want to be able to make my payment for the service. If I have to make a payment plan I will but, I need to be able to come up with most of the finances because, no dentist works for free. 


I worked on my writing this morning, and I ended up doing ten pages. I had my Wife read the first chapter and she read that and was in chapter 2. She said that she couldn’t stop reading, and that for me is a good sign, ha ha. Did some financial stuff and got that sorted. We need to go out in a little while and get some food that I can eat. Something a little softer like some, protein shakes and some peanut butter and some soup, maybe some powerade zero as well. I can eat but, I have to eat out of one side of my mouth. I DO NOT want to loose this tooth, that ain’t gonna happen. All I ate yesterday was a bagel and crème cheese early in the morning before I left for work, and some crackers. Then when I got home I had a small container of yogurt. I’ve had nothing today except two cups of tea. I am starting to get hungry. 

I’ll be okay, I know my body and what I need to do to keep it optimum. I also need to get a pair of shorts as well. Tomorrow will be in the 70″s. The Jag is running fine. We just need to think about getting the brakes relined and new rotors as well. However, before anything else I need some dental work and our Suv needs to get sorted and registered. 


I’m encouraged by the writing rework that I’m doing. It’s going fairly well, and I am into chapter 5. This part of the story that I am working on I had forgotten as it’s been a number of years since I originally wrote it. I looked at that this morning and thought to myself hmmm, I wonder how I navigated though this bit here, ha ha. I instantly remembered that piece of it when I came across it however. 


Pretty soon I will be through that story and onto the next. It works more like a longer short story I think rather than a full length novel. I am going to see if I can get the printer hooked up via a wireless setup today and I can start printing out some chapters. This is really starting to happen. What I envision after I finish this and before I start working on the next one is to have it professionally printed out a Kinko’s or Office Max. I can then get a feel for how it would look in a book form. I’ll have to figure out how to write out a proper treatment for it to get an Editor to go all in on it. This part I think is the easy part where I am at now. All I have to do right now is get it presentable. The hard part is after it’s out of my hands and into other people’s who can market and publish it. The prospect of self-publishing seems to me to be a very daunting task. I have to come back to thinking that there have been many others who have done this bit before. I do however feel that I should be reading a lot more to get other viewpoints into my thinking. I am much better when I am reading all the time because, my creativity is like a faucet in being that is always on. When it is on, I am always having to write things down because the thoughts flow like water. 

The one thought that always intrigued me, not because it comes from me personally but, rather because I have been the child in this particular type of situation. What is worse, a Spouse that leaves their wedding ring on, or takes it off when they have an affair  with another? My Father had an affair with a secretary at work for a year when I was a lot younger. I have never forgotten what that did to my Mother’s heart first, and how it made me feel second. I have never forgotten that pain. That’s why I am the man that I am. There is nothing more that I would ever need than to cuddle up to my Wife. I told her that this morning and it made her smile. 


Well, these things that need to get done aren’t going to do it themselves. I must start attending to them.




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