3-month growth

What’s the biggest lesson I’ve learned here? I don’t like writing as much as I thought, but it’s super fun to read back!

I sound like an absolute lunatic about this food! The girls I tried to do the challenge with tried to rewrite the rules and start all over and so I just got angry and deleted/cancelled the whole thing. My relationship with food is getting it to where I want. I try and do my best to eat well 5 days and have the weekends to myself. Eating from 9am – 2pm and then 5pm – 8pm. Smoothie queen now! Same as before without as much dairy. I won’t ever admit I may have a slight intolerance to it.

Went to see Adrienne again and recorded it this time, which was the best decision I could’ve made. While I was seeing really great progress with my in office workouts and food, I got called out on them and was told to stop. I need to be kinder to my body. All these things I’ve been worrying about; from someone who has lived their life and has their regrets, why not listen? “We’ve pigeon-holed the idea of beauty in our lifetime and it’s an extremely distorted view.” If she’s right, I am going to have no trouble losing pregnancy weight with very active boys, so be kind to my body so it can do what it needs to. I’ll have a lifetime to kick box, climb stairs, run around the office complex….low impact walking/hiking, “grounding” activities to be more in tune with our beautiful natural world. Also, why am I striving for this level of perfection when I’m celebrated in every way by my husband every day? It wasn’t making me much happier as I’m almost peaking right now. 

Going to try and keep the positivity strong so we can start expanding our family as we want and hopefully the next time I’m writing here is with a picture of a positive pregnancy test!


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