A New House

 I’ve recently been drawn back to this website for no reason in particular. I thought it wasn’t too long ago I had written on here, but it turns out It’s coming up on a year already. Lots of things have changed and it’s bizarre to read words I had totally forgotten I had written. 

I live in a new house now. Not a home to me as it feels I live in a public place and have to keep up presentable appearances, but so much better than my last situation. My mind, when I am able to shove the pessimism out of the way, is calmer and more tuned into a peaceful and rational point of view. I still have my downward spirals but those will go away eventually, or should I say eventually will become less apparent. Everyone still and will always have an occasional downward spiral. 

I have that everlasting urge to write some fiction. No matter what person I am growing up to be I am still a writer. Maybe it’s because it’s the one thing I am not ashamed of admitting to myself. Or maybe it’s because it’s the one thing I can truly believe in with all my heart. Something I can believe in without it having to be proven to me. 

Until next time crowded vacant world,


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